Why Should RV Dealers Attend RVX?

We understand your skepticism. Business is buzzing, dealerships seem to have plenty of customers—and springtime is hectic. So, why make the trip to Salt Lake City?

Don’t let your competition win the battle for market share. If you want to drive consumers to your store over others, you need to be at RVX! We’ve lined up never seen before ways to help you sell more RVs and win customers.

The more that interest in RVing grows, the more you need to:

  1. Find ways to stand out from the crowd of RV dealers.
  2. Make sure you have the latest and greatest models and products in your inventory.
  3. Spend more personal time with suppliers and manufacturers to better understand how to sell their products.
  4. Discover ingenious, revenue-generating merchandising techniques by walking through our vignettes that put RVs at the center of an outdoor lifestyle that is huge with today’s most promising consumers.
  5. Update your knowledge of consumer trends, sales strategies, HR best practices and more in our top-notch education program designed specifically for the needs of RV dealers.
  6. Equip your staff with in-depth knowledge of new products and how to service those products.

The new RVX is timed to excite the market, right at the beginning of our selling season, with a “Reveal” to highlight new innovations. RVing is hot, continues to grow in popularity, and the RVX show is the latest innovation in our dynamic industry. I’ll be there to celebrate and support the RV Industry Association and I encourage other dealers to join me.

– Debbie Brunoforte, President, Little Dealer Little Prices